Abrasive Wheel Training for Angle Grinders & Chop Saws

British Abrasives Federation (BAF) Accredited Abrasive Wheel Training.

Our Abrasive Wheel Training Courses are:

  • British Abrasives Federation (BAF) Accredited.
  • Delivered by our own Accredited Instructors (who are machine operators).
  • Tailored to Suit the Specific Machines that you use.

Our Abrasive Wheel Courses:

  • Will Comply with Government COVID Secure Guidance (if the training is on your site then suitable facilities will need to be provided).
  • Will Include a Theory Session with Machine Specific Information (can be delivered online or on your site).
  • Will Include Practical Assessments in Small Groups (to reduce social contact).

This abrasive wheel course is accredited by the BAF (British Abrasives Federation) and is for operators of angle grinders & chop saws.

An angle grinder features a heavy duty abrasive cutting or grinding disc that is powerful enough to cut or grind through steel, concrete and other hard materials.

Powered by electricity, compressed air or a  battery powered motor, these hard-wearing tools demand that every safety precaution is followed to help prevent injury.

chop saw can be as dangerous to use as any other saw.

This type of saw uses a resin bonded abrasive wheel or a TCT wheel which are designed to cut metal or other hard materials.

They can also be fitted with diamond tipped wheels for brick or block cutting on specialist machines such as the Norton Clipper Saw.

There are far too many abrasive wheel accidents reported in various work places, these accidents range from minor to severe; some resulting even in fatality.

The good news is that over 90% of these accidents are preventable if good safety precautions are adopted and this starts with thorough accredited training for all operators.

The theory part of the training can now be delivered via an online webinar or on your site still if you prefer.

If the theory training is conducted on your site then the room provided must be large enough for the number of trainees plus the instructor and allow for 2m social distancing or 1m+ ( if only 1m+ then face coverings will have to be worn for the session).

If you decide to use the online option for the theory part of this course, then this must all be watched and a theory test completed before we attend your site for the practical assessments.

The practical training is an integral part of an abrasive wheel course this part of the course cannot be successfully completed virtually.

“There is no substitute for thorough practical training in all aspects of the mounting and use of abrasive wheels.” Source HSG17 “Safety in the Use of Abrasive Wheels”.

The practical element of the training will be conducted on your site but in small groups of a maximum of 3 people at a time and taking approximately 45 minutes to complete each group.

The practical training will include: wheel changes, dressing of the wheels where required and an operator competency assessment.

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    abrasive wheel training

    Abrasive wheel training for angle grinders and chop saws.

    This course can be delivered as a half day course for experienced operators, or for refresher training, or as a full days course for the less experienced or novice operator.

    This course can be delivered on your site/premises anywhere in the UK at a time and on a date to suit you, or we run regular open/public courses throughout the year at convenient locations across the UK.

    Course Content

    We have 2 options for abrasive wheel training for angle grinders and chop saws:

    Option 1: A half day course which is more suited to experienced operators or for refresher training.

    Option 2: A full day course for the less experienced or novice operators who require more practical training.

    • The Need to Train and Statutory Requirements
    • Characteristics of an Abrasive Wheel and the Types
    • Marking of Abrasive Wheels
    • Speed
    • Hazards and Precautions to be taken
    • Kickback
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Angle Grinder Safety
    • Chop Saw Safety
    • Storage & Handling
    • Inspection and Methods of Testing for Damage
    • Abrasive Wheel Machine Components
    • Guarding
    • Specific Mounting Procedures

    If you book a half day course then why not add another half day course or accredited face fit tests for only £210 + VAT.

    Choose from:

    Abrasive Wheel, Asbestos Awareness, Manual Handling, Safe Working at Heights, Vehicle Banksman, Risk Assessment or up to 10 fit2fit Accredited Face Fit Tests.

    Who Should Attend Our Course?

    Delegates who are involved in the use of abrasive wheels, and those who are responsible for the changing of abrasive wheels, or those who supervise abrasive wheel operations.

    “In relation to abrasive wheels, PUWER 98 requires, among other things, that all machinery is suitable for its intended use and is properly maintained, and that employees, including those using, mounting and managing the operation of abrasive wheels, are fully informed and properly trained in their safe use”.

    Source: HSE Publication HSG17 (Safety in the use of Abrasive Wheels).

    On completion of this course you will receive a nationally recognised BAF accredited certificate of training and the attendees details will be entered in to the BAF national operators database.

    Training Requirements

    Conducted on any site that has suitable facilities (power and seating), this course is for 1 to 12 trainees but we can train up to a maximum of 15 trainees.

    When conducting the practical element of the training where possible we like to use the customer’s equipment it is their responsibility to ensure the equipment is suitable for its intended use, that is properly maintained and that all trainees are in possession of the correct PPE for the type of machine that they will be using.

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