Face Fit Train the Tester – Quantitative

Our fit2fit approved quantitative face fit train the tester course is conducted by one of our competent fit2fit accredited assessors. Taking place over a full day, this course is designed to provide you with knowledge, confidence and experience necessary to effectively carry out your own quantitative face fit testing with an AccuFit or Portacount machine. We are proud to sell ambient particle counting devices. If you would prices and information please contact us for our current price list.

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RPE fit testing should be conducted by a competent person. To be competent the person should have adequate knowledge, and have received adequate instruction and training in the the 16 areas detailed in HSE INDG 479.

This is why our train the tester course is a 1 day course. It would not be possible to teach all of the 16 areas of competency that are required by the HSE in half a day and we want to train face fit testers to the highest possible standards. Which is why our course has been approved by fit2fit.

Training can be conducted on your site/premises anywhere in the UK for 1 – 4 trainees. 

Face Fit Train The Tester - Fit2Fit Approved Quantitative Course Content

1 day (09:00-16:00hrs approx)

This course is for trainees who want to undertake their own face fit testing programme using an AccuFit or Portacount machine. This face fit training course is conducted by an experienced, competent fit2fit accredited assessor. The content of our course has been approved by fit2fit.

The training includes:

  • Selection, Use and Maintenance of RPE
  • Background of Face Fit Testing
  • Legislation and Guidance, soon to be INDG 479
  • Set-up of Equipment
  • Fit Test Protocols
  • Pass Levels
  • Practical Face Fit Testing
  • Troubleshooting & Problem Solving
  • Fit Test Failures and Re-Tests
  • Planning & Managing a Fit Testing Program

Please note: Respiratory Protective Equipment should be selected, maintained and used by trained and competent people. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that they comply with this.

In order to conduct your own Quantitative face fit testing, you will require your own ambient particle countine device. We are proud to sell the machines - please contact us for our current price list. The machine lead time is dependent on current stock levels. Contact us today for more information and details of our competitive prices.

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