Face Fit Testing (North Yorkshire)

Face Fit Testing North Yorkshire. Face Fit Test for 1 Person, perfect if you require a single face fit test. Conducted by a fit2fit accredited tester using a portacount machine. You are able to purchase a face fit test and if required, you can also purchase a reusable face mask for the test and take it away with you on the test day. Book online now.

  • 24 February
    Face Fit Tests
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    Session 1
    Mon 24 Feb 13:00 - Mon 24 Feb 13:20
    Session 2
    Mon 24 Feb 13:20 - Mon 24 Feb 13:40
    Session 3
    Mon 24 Feb 13:40 - Mon 24 Feb 14:00
    Session 4
    Mon 24 Feb 14:00 - Mon 24 Feb 14:20
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Face Fit Testing for Individuals. Book 1 face fit test to be conducted at our premises in Knaresborough. North Yorkshire.

We use the TSI Portacount which is the only fit tester that can quantitatively test all types of respirators.

Quantitative face fit tests are suitable for disposable half masksre-usable half masks, gas masks, self-contained breathing apparatus, full mask respirators etc. All our testers are fit2fit accredited.

The quantitative test involves the candidate wearing a respirator of the make, model and size that they are to use in the workplace, and this is connected to a test machine that counts the particulate in the test room and the particulate within the respirator and calculates, from this information, a fit-factor.

You will receive a test record sheet, wallet ID card and certificate.

Have more than 1 person? Or would prefer us to come to your site to conduct the tests? This is no problem. Visit our face fit testing page or contact us for price and availability for us to come to you.


YOU MUST BE CLEAN SHAVEN. WE ARE UNABLE TO CONDUCT A FACE FIT TEST ON ANYONE WITH FACIAL HAIR, STUBBLE OR BEARD. Failure to arrive clean shaven will mean the test will not be able to be completed and no refund will be given.

The test subject’s must not eat, smoke or drink anything other than water for at least 30 minutes prior to the test been undertaken.

If you have not chosen to purchase a reusable respirator at the time of booking you MUST bring your own mask for test purposes. Any reusable respirators must be fitted with the correct P3 filter.