Face Fit Train the Tester – Quantitative (South London)

During our full day fit2fit approved quantitative face fit testing training, we teach you how to carry out quantitative face fit testing using the Ambient Particle Counting (APC) method using the AccuFit and TSI Portacount machine. Perfect for those who require an in-depth knowledge of Face Fit Testing using an APC device. Looking to purchase a machine? Contact us today for a price list. TO BOOK: Click on the Register button below.

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The face fit train the tester quantitative course is conducted at our training centre in South London in Surrey.

Please note: To conduct your own Quantitative face fit testing, you will require your own Ambient Particle Counting Device. We can supply Accufit and Portacount machines. Contact us for details.

Course Content

Newly revised information relating to Face Fit Testing includes document INDG 479 which states that Face Fit Testing should only be conducted by a trained ‘Competent Person’. For example, competency includes knowledge of the theoretical aspects of Fit Testing, RPE and methodology as well as skills in practical Face Fit Testing.

Most importantly a ‘competent person’ should have sufficient experience of Face Fit Testing using a variety of different makes and models of RPE. Our Quantitative Face Fit Test Operator Training course is a full-day course aimed at those who have responsibility to manage or conduct Fit Testing in the workplace.

  • Background to Face Fit Testing
  • Legislation and Guidance, INDG 479, HSG53 etc.
  • Installation and Operation of Equipment
  • Sampling from the Facepiece
  • Fit Test Protocols and Pass Levels
  • Set-up and Running Procedures
  • Practical face fit testing
  • Troubleshooting & Problem Solving
  • Fit Test Failures and Re-Tests
  • Planning & Managing a Fit Testing Program
  • Data Handling and Storage

Who Should Attend Our Course?

This course is for anyone (businesses or individuals) who wish to conduct face fit testing using the quantitative method on the full range of tight fitting RPE i.e. full face mask, half face reusable mask, SCBA, disposable masks etc.

In order to conduct quantitative face fit testing you must have access to a ambient particle counting machine which cost thousands of pounds to purchase. If you would like a price please contact us for details.

If you are only wanting to test reusable half masks and disposable masks then the qualitative taste test train the tester may be more cost effective and appropriate to your needs.

Training Requirements

This 1 day training course will be conducted by a competent fit2fit accredited assessor. The face fit training can is carried out at our South London Training Centre in Surrey for a maximum of 6 trainees (to maximise practical experience).

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