BAF Accredited Abrasive Wheels Training

TTS are a specialist BAF (British Abrasives Federation) accredited abrasive wheel training company who conduct on-site training in the safe use of abrasive wheels for all types of cutting and grinding applications. Our half day accredited abrasive wheel operator course is aimed at experienced operators and covers all types of abrasive wheel machines. The training will be delivered to suit the abrasive wheel machine types that you use.

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Course Content

This course is designed and structured to provide training in the safe use of abrasive wheels and meets with the requirements of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER 98) and covers the following subjects:

•   The Need to Train and Statutory Requirements
•   Characteristics of an Abrasive Wheel and the Types
•   Marking of Abrasive Wheels
•   Speed
•   Hazards and Precautions to be taken
•   Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
•   Storage & Handling
•   Inspection and Methods of Testing for Damage
•   Abrasive Wheel Machine Components
•   Guarding
•   Dressing & Balancing
•   Specific Mounting Procedures
We tailor all our courses to suit the requirements and industry of each of our customers.
Course Requirements
This course is a 1/2 day course for a maximum of 15 trainees and can be conducted on any site that has suitable facilities (power and seating).
The practical element of the training will be conducted using the customer’s equipment where possible and it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the equipment is suitable for its intended use and is properly maintained and that all trainees are in possession of the correct PPE for the type of machine that they are to be using.
On completion of the course you will receive a BAF accredited certificate of attendance (emailed in a PDF format), an individual training record (to provide proof of training) and a comprehensive set of BAF approved course notes for each trainee.
Please note: the current legislation requires that anyone who uses, manages and mounts an abrasive wheel has to be properly trained in the safe use.
Prior to booking please advise types of abrasive wheel machinery your company uses.

We have 12 Different Courses for BAF (British Abrasives Federation) Accredited Abrasive Wheel Training.

We understand that a one course fits all approach to abrasive wheel training simply does not work, this is why we have 12 accredited abrasive wheel training courses for you to choose from:

TTSABW1: Hand Held Machines; Angle Grinders etc.

TTSABW2: Petrol Cut Off Saw.

TTSABW3: Bench & Pedestal Grinding.

TTSABW4: Precision Grinding, Surface, Cylindrical Grinding etc.

TTSABW5: Portable Cut Off Saw, Chop Saw, Brick Saw etc.

TTSABW6: Hand Held Grinders, Bench & Pedestal Grinding.

TTSABW7: Hand Held Grinders, Portable Cut Off Saw, Bench & Pedestal Grinding.

TTSABW8: Petrol Cut Off Saw, Hand Held Grinders.

TTSABW9: Petrol Cut Off Saw, Portable Cut Off Saw, Hand Held Grinders.

TTSABW10: Precision Grinding, Bench & Pedestal Grinding.

TTSABW11: Hand Held Grinders, Petrol Cut Off Saw, Portable Cut Off Saw, Bench & Pedestal.

TTSABW12: Hand Held Grinder, Portable Cut Off Saw.

Click on the course title for the full course details. 

We have tried to cover most of the popular combinations of machines but if you need something different then please ask and we will be more than happy to write the course for you.

If you are not sure which course to choose, don’t worry our instructors will sort this out for you on the day.

Our instructors are not only accredited, insured and competent, they are also experienced machine operators and understand all aspects of cutting and grinding.