Face Fit Test Training

What is Face Fit Test Training?

Depending on who you speak to, it means different things.

To help overcome this confusion, we have created this page specifically for this term. In the hope that we can point you in the right direction. If after reading the information here, you are still uncertain which option you require, please feel free to contact us and one of our team will be able to assist.

For simple terms, if you are looking for face fit test training there are basically two options:-

    1. Face Fit Testing – where we show people how to fit the mask to their own face and then we conduct a face fit test on them.
    2. Face Fit Train the Tester – where we show someone to conduct face fit tests on others.


So Why the Confusion?

The word “training” is what causes the confusion. Do you want your staff trained how to wear a mask? This is covered in a face fit test. We show the person how to correctly fit the mask to their face and then we will check that the mask fits by conducting a face fit test on them. In this instance, if you ask for face fit test training, what you require is face fit testing.

If you want us to train people to be able to conduct face fit tests on other staff members – the training is covered when we conduct the train the tester course. We will train them how to do face fit testing. In this instance, if you ask for face fit test training, what you require is face fit train the tester.

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    Face Fit Options:

    In line with our fit2fit accreditation our assessors provide training based on current legislation and years of experience. Below are the two main options available. Click on the relevant section for further information. You can then decide whether we come to you (on-site/private course) or you come to us (open/public course). All our train the tester courses are fit2fit approved and all our testing is fit2fit accredited.

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