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Train when and where you like with our e-learning. Our online courses are delivered using video and multiple-choice questionnaires to assess your progress, making them the perfect solution for learning in both home and work environments.

Many online training courses and e-learning cost a small fortune and are time‐consuming to organise. Training and Testing Services aim to change this by providing interactive, one‐on‐one online training which is led by knowledgeable tutors.

Each course will go at the pace which is required by the individual. They will also provide the opportunity to go over the E-learning content as often as necessary. This will ensure that the employee gets the optimum learning experience that can be retained and applied, keeping your business safe and compliant.

The online training is delivered in an interesting, informative style and is divided into easy-to-manage modules. We offer a wide range of online courses for the UK, which are suitable for all types of business.

At a fraction of the cost and management time that you’d expect, our online training courses have the added bonus of a minimal loss of productivity. This is due to their efficient and flexible nature. Find our list of courses below and choose which is best suited for you!

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We can provide accounts for both individual and business users:


  • One single login for you to complete the online training
  • Flexible interactive online training
  • Sign in and out as often as you need
  • System remembers where you left off
  • Multiple device support
  • Download your certificate immediately upon successful completion

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  • One administrator login where you can assign licences to yourself and/or employees
  • Your own online training administrator panel
  • Monitor your staff’s progress
  • Scalable as your business grows
  • Flexible interactive online training
  • Multiple device support

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Our online courses:

  • Are written by experts
  • Are independently audited
  • Comply with Health and Safety Law
  • Provide a full administrative audit trail
  • Are a fun way to learn
  • Provide engaging video content
  • Reduce training costs
  • Provide automatic instant certification upon successful completion

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Online & E-learning Courses


Abrasive Wheel Training

There are many applications of abrasive wheels. Our online abrasive wheel training course aims to educate trainees on the most suitable wheel type for each application, and the best methods of grinding and cutting.

Asbestos Awareness Training

Asbestos Awareness

Training and Testing Services offer Asbestos Awareness online courses. Aimed at tradesmen, architects and designers, these courses include recognising the signs of asbestos and where it might be used.

Online Control of Substances Hazardous to Health COSHH Training (ROSPA Approved)


Our online COSHH course is designed for workers who may be exposed to hazardous substances at work. Interactive and written by experts, this course will cover the methods and risks involved when working with “very toxic, toxic, harmful, corrosive or irritant” substances.

Online Display Screen Equipment Training

Display Screen Equipment

Our online Display Screen Equipment aims to improve the working environment of people using display screen equipment (DSE). Options for both users and assessors of DSE.

Online Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Training will help to reduce the risks of fire within the workplace. It covers key aspects of fire safety, including what to do in the event of a fire and methods of prevention. We offer various courses to suit your job role.

Online Emergency First Aid at Work (IIRSM Approved) Annual Refresher Course

First Aid Training

Our First Aid at Work training course provides delegates with the knowledge and practices required in the event of a medical emergency. This course has been written by experts and is fully compliant with health and safety law.

Online Food Safety Training (ROSPA Approved)

Food Safety

Our Food Safety E-learning courses aim to educate those involved in handling food, with focus on the dangers of improper handling and compliance with food safety standards.

Online Basic Legionella Management Training (ROSPA Approved)

Legionella Management

Our video-based Legionella Management course provides an informative, engaging way to learn. This includes risks and effects that legionella has on health and covers the ways to manage, control and prevent it in water systems.

Manual Handling

Manual Handling

Our manual handling course will provide trainees with essential information on the hazards associated with manual handling, providing safe techniques and practical solutions to help keep them safe whilst at work.

Online Safeguarding Training (CPD Approved)


This online course is essential for anyone responsible for the protection of a child or adult. Covering areas such as the signs of abuse, support and the law concerning these matters, our Safeguarding Training will ensure that you’re equipped with the knowledge necessary to handle the situation.

Online Working at Height Training

Working at Height

Working at Heights can be dangerous. This course aims to educate and inform both the employer and the people working at height so the necessary precautions can be implemented and the correct methods can be used.

Online Working Safely Training (ROSPA Approved)

Working Safely

Our Working Safely online course aims to reduce the amount of accidents by educating delegates on common hazards and safe working methods, an important method of changing attitudes towards taking risks at work.

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Other Courses


Abrasive Wheel Training

Asbestos Training

Asbestos Training

Face Fit Testing

Face Fit Testing