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Training and Testing Services are a fit2fit accredited face fit testing company.

Probably the most important part of protecting employees who wear tight fitting masks is Face Fit Testing.

Examples of tight-fitting RPE include disposable dust masks, half face reusable masks, full face masks, SCBA, gas masks etc. All tight-fitting RPE must be tested to prove that they fit correctly, this can be achieved with either quantitative or qualitative face fit testing. Face Fit Testing is currently covered by HSE document 282/28 – this is due to be replaced by INDG 479.

Health & Safety Law stipulates that tight-fitting RPE must be fit tested as part of the initial selection process.

So which type of face fit test do you need?

Our fit testers can conduct both quantitative or qualitative face fit testing and will use the method that is appropriate to your needs. Alternatively, we can train you up to conduct your own tests with our face fit train the tester course.

Face fit testing can be delivered on your site at a time and date to suit you.

We provide a complete face fit testing and respiratory protective equipment (RPE) service which includes:

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On-Site Testing & Courses

Our expert face fit testers/instructors will visit your site to undertake your testing or training. We will schedule your service to take place at dates and times which suit you, reducing disruption and making it easier to arrange staff cover.

Because one size does not fit all (just like the masks) we tailor fit testing and training to your organisation’s needs, ensuring that you get the testing or course to fulfill your exact requirements. Not only are our expert face fit testers/instructors all highly qualified in their own subject areas; they are also qualified in all aspects of face fit testing.

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Quantitative Face Fit Testing

We offer a Quantitative Face Fit Testing Service using the TSI Portacount machine. The only fit test that can quantitatively test all types of respirators. You must be clean shaven.

Face Fit Testing

Qualitative Face Fit Testing

The Qualitative Face Fit Testing Service is for disposable or half mask respirators.

This is a taste test and everyone who is to be tested must be clean shaven.

Qualitative Face Fit Train The Tester

Train The Tester

Do you want to be a tester? Our Qualitative Train the Tester course is taught by a fit2fit accredited assessor. This course includes sensitivity tests, pass levels and planning/managing a face fit program. We cover all of the 14 elements of competency that are required by HSE 282/28 (to be replaced by INDG 479).

RPE training

RPE Training

This course is for workers and management who select, use and/or maintain respiratory protective equipment (RPE).

Conducted by an experienced fit2fit accredited tester/instructor.

Open Training Courses

We run regular open face fit testing training courses at our training centres in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire and Sutton, South London. This course is for individuals or companies who require one or two people to be trained to carry out their own face fit testing. Do you want to become a tester? We can train you.

face fit testing Open Courses

Open Train The Tester

Conducted at our training venues in Sutton and Knaresborough. The course covers all 14 areas of competency as required by HSE 282/28 (soon to be replaced by INDG 479). Our competent, fit2fit accredited assessors will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out your own face fit testing.

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