RPE Training

Our RPE training course is aimed at workers and management involved in the selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment (RPE).

Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) training is an essential part of any effective RPE  programme.

RPE at work should:

  • Adequately control inhalation exposure to provide the wearer with effective protection;
  • Be suitable for the intended use;
  • Be CE-marked
  • Be used by properly trained people who are supervised;
  • Be properly stored, cleaned and checked regularly to ensure it remains effective

Anybody involved in the selection, use or maintenance of respiratory protection requires training.

  • Do you know how to select adequate and suitable RPE?
  • Are your RPE wearers trained?
  • Do you carry out regular maintenance checks and keep records for reusable RPE?
  • Have you carried out respirator face fit testing?

Our RPE course will cover the respiratory hazards, types of respiratory equipment, the potential health effects, limitations of equipment, fit testing, what can potentially go wrong with the equipment, and how to check, clean and store equipment.

Delivered by one of our fit2fit accredited testers/instructors, this half day course is a requirement for anyone with responsibility for RPE.

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    Respiratory protective equipment is designed to prevent staff from inhaling dangerous contaminants found in the air. This can include gases, solvents, powdered chemicals, sprays etc.

    Before using RPE, you should ensure that every other reasonable step has been taken to control exposure, air quality and ventilation in your work area. RPE should only ever be used as the last option, and justification for requiring it should be clear in your risk assessment.

    Employers must ensure that adequate training is provided to all operatives, supervisors and managers who have any responsibility for the selection, use or maintenance of RPE in the workplace.

    The importance of RPE training in any effective RPE programme is undisputed. Our training covers all legislative aspects and can be applied to the specific types of respiratory protective equipment used by the client.

    Course Content

    This course is conducted in accordance with the requirements of HSG53 by an experienced fit2fit accredited tester/instructor. It will cover the following subjects:

    • Why RPE is needed.
    • The hazards, risks and effects of exposure.
    • What RPE is being provided.
    • How RPE works.
    • Why fit testing is required (if relevant).
    • How to wear and check the RPE correctly.
    • Fit checking before use.
    • What maintenance is required and when.
    • Where and how it should be cleaned and stored.
    • How to report/tackle any problems.
    • Employee and employer responsibilities.
    • Use and misuse of RPE.

    Who Should Attend Our Course?

    All operatives, supervisors and managers who have any responsibility for the selection, use or maintenance of RPE in the workplace.

    Training Requirements

    This half day training course can be conducted anywhere in the UK for a maximum of 15 trainees. Your RPE training can be conducted on any site that has suitable facilities (power and seating).


    You will receive a certificate of attendance on completion of the course (which is emailed in a PDF format), as well as an individual training record (to provide proof of training) and a comprehensive set of course notes for each trainee.

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