Quantitative Face Fit Testing

Quantitative face fit testing is designed to protect workers from harmful chemicals and dust.

We use the TSI Portacount which is the only fit tester that can quantitatively test all types of respirators.

Quantitative face fit tests are suitable for disposable half masks, re-usable half masks, gas masks, self-contained breathing apparatus, full mask respirators etc. All our testers are fit2fit accredited.

The quantitative test involves the candidate wearing a respirator of the make, model and size that they are to use in the workplace, and this is connected to a test machine that counts the particulate in the test room and the particulate within the respirator and calculates, from this information, a fit-factor.

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Quantitative Fit Testing

Quantitative face fit testing will provide a numerical measure of the RPE’s effectiveness. This is known as a fit factor.

These tests give an objective measure of the face fit, something not offered with a qualitative test.

Quantitative testing requires specialised equipment such as the Portacount Pro. They are more complicated to carry out than qualitative tests, however this type of test is required for all full face mask respirators. A qualitative test can only be used on half mask respirators.

The TSI Portacount Pro is an ambient particle counting device. It works by measuring the number of particles that leak into the mask, comparing this with the particle number challenging it. This is done while the wearer carries out a number of exercises.

Quantitative Face Fit Testing Service

Training and Testing Services don’t just provide a face fit test, we also offer the following as part of our service:

We can provide you with either disposable masks or reusable/semi disposable half masks for the testing process.

This means that you’ll only have to buy the RPE that you need, therefore saving you money.

We supply RPE so we know what works and what doesn’t. We offer masks from Alpha Solway, Moldex, JSP, Biztex and Portwest, however we can also test you in the RPE equipment that you already use.

We will train your staff.

It is a legal requirement that anyone who wears RPE must be trained, even if they only wear disposable masks (see HSG53). Before we begin the testing process, we will get everyone together and provide this training. We will also produce documentary evidence to prove your compliance.

We will advise what masks and filters are required for the types of work which are undertaken.

As a supplier of RPE we want to work with our customers to ensure that the masks/filters which have been selected will protect against the hazards which are present.

We will offer advice on what you need to do to comply with the law when it comes to RPE.

If you need advice on what the law requires, we will happily point you in the right direction.

We will provide you with plastic wallet sized face fit testing cards.

We will provide you with plastic cards along with the standard face fit testing paperwork i.e. fit test record & fit test certificate.

Do you want to run your own face fit testing program?

Then let our fit2fit accredited staff teach you how to do it for yourself. Have full control of your own fit testing program and the flexibility to do it where and when it’s needed. Contact us for information about our qualitative face fit train the tester course.

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