Quantitative Train The Tester Course Content

Thank you for your interest in our Quantitative Train The Tester Course content. Whether you are looking for us to come on site to deliver the training, or for you/your staff to come to us, the course content is shown below.

Quantitative Train the Tester Course Content

Full day (09:00 until 16:30 approx) This fit2fit approved course is for trainees who want to undertake their own face fit testing programme. This face fit training course is conducted by an experienced, competent fit2fit accredited fit2fit. Attending this course would not give you fit2fit accreditation, but can be used as a stepping stone to achieve accreditation in the future (you need to gain experience and apply directly to BSIF to become fit2fit accredited). The training includes:

  • Background to Face Fit Testing
  • Legislation and Guidance, INDG 479, HSG53 etc.
  • Installation and Operation of Equipment
  • Sampling from the Facepiece
  • Fit Test Protocols and Pass Levels
  • Set-up and Running Procedures
  • Practical face fit testing
  • Troubleshooting & Problem Solving
  • Fit Test Failures and Re-Tests
  • Planning & Managing a Fit Testing Program
  • Data Handling and Storage

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Remember our Quantitative Face Fit Train the Tester course:

  • Fit2Fit Approved – We are 1 of only 5 companies in the UK to be approved for qualitative & quantitative face fit testing training (August 2020).
  • Delivered by experienced instructors – who are also Fit2Fit accredited face fit testers.
  • A Full Days Training Course – it is not possible to deliver this course properly as a half day course
  • Supply you with a resource pack – to enable you to run your own face fit testing successfully.
  • Provide you with on-going support – we are on hand for any queries or advice post training
  • Comply with Government COVID Secure Guidance – We train a maximum of 4 people (if the training is on your site then suitable facilities will need to be provided).

For more information on our course why not visit the Quantitative Face Fit Train the Tester Course page.

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