Face Fit Testing Kit

Face Fit Testing Kit

Face Fit Testing Kit

What is a face fit testing kit? If you have found yourself on this page, chances are that you are looking to find out more about test kits. We can help with what a kit is, what a kit does, but also, you can purchase one too!

Qualitative Face Fit Test Kit

The Qualitative Face Fit Test Kit is used for face fit testing purposes. A qualitative face fit test is a simple taste test that can be used to test the fit of disposable and reusable half mask respirators. The kit comprises of a hood, solution and nebulisers to enable you to conduct a qualitative face fit test. The hood and nebulisers can be re-used and once you have used your solutions you can purchase them separately.

The test kits have been developed using the guidance as laid down in HSE INDG479.


A standard face fit testing kit contains Bitrex. Bitrex is the world’s most bitter substance. When used in the qualitative testing process the substance helps to ascertain whether a half face mask fits the wearer. The chemical name is denatonium benzoate. The name Bitrex comes from the Latin; Bit-Rex meaning Bitter-King.

Who can use a test kit

In line with the Health and Safety Executive RPE fit testing (or face fit testing) should be conducted by a competent person.

Fit testing should be conducted by a competent person. Competence can be demonstrated by accreditation under the Fit2Fit RPE Fit Test Providers Accreditation Scheme. This scheme has been developed by the BSIF, together with industry stakeholders, and is supported by HSE. The scheme is not compulsory and employers are free to take other action to comply with the law. Further details on the scheme can be found at www.fit2fit.org.

HSE document INDG479 (rev1). Published 03/19

Purchase a face fit testing kit

If you are looking to purchase a qualitative face fit testing kit then we can help. We sell the kits at a competitive price and can send via next working day courier delivery service (depending on time of order). Contact us for more details.

How to use a kit

If you are looking for help and advice as to how use a test kit, our qualified team offer fit2fit approved training. Whether you have a group that need training on your site or premises, or you just want 1 person training on one of our open courses we can help. Our friendly team are on hand to help so get in touch today.

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