What is Bitrex

What is Bitrex

What is Bitrex

What is Bitrex? Generally in our industry we use it as part of the qualitative face fit testing process. A standard qualitative face fit test kit contains the bitter solution. There is usually a bottle of sensitivity solution and a bottle of test solution in each kit. Previously the solution was stored in smaller bottles (ampoules). Some kits still have ampoules in them.

Bitrex Solution

Basically, in it’s simplest terms, Bitrex test kits help to ascertain whether a mask fits the wearer. The main component is Detonium Benzoate. Bitrex is the most bitter chemical compound known. The face fit testing process uses this bitter taste. However, it is more commonly used on children’s toys and nail biting solution to stop them from being chewed.

Important Bitrex Facts

  • According to the Bitrex website they are the world’s leading safety ingredient brand.
  • The chemical name is denatonium benzoate – but Bitrex is catchier! The name comes from the Latin; Bit-Rex meaning Bitter-King
  • It is inert, odorless and only a tiny amount is required to be effective.

Qualitative Test Kits

The bitter qualitative test kits rely on the use of this solution. Qualitative face fit tests are simple taste tests. They test the fit of disposable and reusable half mask respirators. We sell the test kits to anyone attending one of our face fit train the tester courses. However, there is a small proportion of the population who cannot taste the bitter solution. In this instance, we recommend using Saccharin (a sweet solution) to test the mask.

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