TTS Supporting the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

TTS Supporting DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

TTS Supporting the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

TTS supporting the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) – Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. The DEC appeal has been set up to support families fleeing this devastating conflict. To date over 2 million people have fled their homes to escape the conflict in their home country. Ordinary people, who have fled with whatever they can carry.

We have all been shocked and horrified with the horrific scenes from the Ukraine.

How Can TTS Help

Like many, here at Training and Testing Services (TTS), we have been trying to figure out a practical way of trying to help these brave people.

Out of all our team Dave, Richard, Mark, and Pam are all proud ex members of Her Majesty’s Forces. But, just speaking from the boy’s point of view they feel far too old and a few stone past their fighting weight to go down the route of joining the brave Ukrainian military. As Dave said “we would be a liability and green is not my colour”.

We still carry stock of disposable masks from the COVID pandemic. Until the conflict in Ukraine we considered donating this stock. However, it has become very apparent that the best way TTS can support the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal is by donating money. With this in mind we have we decided to sell the stock instead.

100% Of 2530v Net Sales To Be Donated

TTS are supporting the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal by donating the full net value of 2530v mask sales.

The masks that we are selling are the Alpha Solway 2530V disposables, a high-quality product with excellent results from face fit testing.

2530V masks normally retail between £29 and £40 a box of 10. However, we are going to allow you to pay what you want for them (minimum price £20).

We have 2400 masks to sell to raise money for this great cause and if we get the top retail price of £40 a box then we could potentially raise over £9500 for the DEC.

However, we will be happy to raise whatever we can to do our little bit to help. We hope you can support us.

Any orders over £100 benefit from free delivery. Why not order your masks today and help out this worthwhile cause.

TTS Join Ukraine Convoy

As of 8 April – we have agreed to donate one of our mobile units to an amazing charity. Our team will be joining the convoy of 8 vehicles to deliver much needed aid and the mobile unit. With this in mind all donations from the sale of our 2530v masks will now go to Yorkshire Aid Convoy to cover the cost of transporting the aid and mobile unit to Ukraine. Read more in our new blog.

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