Back to School is Fast Approaching 

Back to School is Fast Approaching 

For those of us who look after children, the school summer holidays come with mixed blessings. Amongst the positives are things such as family holidays in the sunshine or getting to enjoy family time together with friends. As with every positive there are, of course, some potential negatives and listed amongst those could be ensuring that constant entertainment is provided for the kids, as well as having to move appointments around and to schedule work to account for the long six week period. One thing we can be almost certain about is that those of us who don’t look after children will have been enjoying the congestion free roads during the morning commute! 

However, with the summer holidays now fast drawing to a close, some new challenges are faced.  Some of our children will be starting new schools and that might mean longer commutes, in turn meaning the need for further flexible working hours. This can be especially important for single parents or couples who have to work away from home for extended periods. It’s this that got us thinking, and not just about the commitments and time juggling of parents, but also others who have family dependants or jobs which require specific shift time patterns. 

At TTS, we absolutely understand the need for this flexibility and we ensure that all our course times can be individually tailored to suit the customer’s specific needs and requirements. This includes elements such as shift patterns and working hours, as well as course content where necessary. We are also able to complete courses such as the Face Fit Testing courses either on your own business premises or site locations as well as at our offices.  Al our team our fit2fit accredited – giving you peace of mind that we are fully qualified to conduct this face fit testing service.

For reference, our standard course times are 9.00am and 1.00pm, depending on whether it’s a half day or a full day. If you have any questions about course availability or suitability, then please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer team on 01423 611030.

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