Fit2Fit accredited and approved

fit2fit accredited and approved

Fit2Fit accredited and approved

Fit2Fit is a recognised term in the RPE industry. You may have heard the terms Fit2Fit accredited and approved, or many other different variations of this terminology. But what is the difference between Fit2Fit approval and Fit2Fit accreditation?

Fit2Fit Accredited

The accreditation relates to face fit testing.

Accreditation is not simply a case of attending a course. To be able to display the logo and achieve accreditation, you must apply to BSIF and go through their formal assessment process. This includes a written multiple choice exam and practical demonstration of face fitting in a candidates chosen method. For further details of what is involved in the Fit2Fit process see the candidate handbook.

Fit2Fit accreditation is given to the person (not the company).

Booking face fit testing?

Ensure the person who is testing you is Fit2Fit accredited (it is important to check they are accredited for the type of testing you have employed them to do). Check that your tester is accredited by visiting the Fit2Fit website and clicking on the find a tester page.

Can my face fit tester train me?

There is no such thing as Fit2Fit accredited training. If someone is accredited, then this is for face fit testing only.

Accredited testers can conduct compliant, accredited face fit testing (not face fit training). The quality of any training course they offer has not been assessed and neither has their ability to teach. Whether your tester is fit2fit accredited or not, anyone offering training which is not shown on Fit2Fit’s approved training list is delivering a course that has not been assessed. Therefore, their course has not been approved as being in line with the requirements of the HSE’s guidance.

Can you train me in half a day?

The short answer is no. Compliant, fit2fit approved face fit training companies deliver a full day training course. It is not possible to train someone in 4 hours to conduct face fit testing and cover everything that is required by law. When teaching something as important as face fit testing you need to ensure the training you receive is compliant. The HSE in document INDG 479 list 16 points of competence which must be thoroughly taught as part of any face fit testing training course.

Fit2Fit Approved

Approval relates to the face fit training course or train the tester course as is often referred.

Fit2Fit approval cannot be achieved just by being a Fit2Fit accredited tester. To be able to display the Fit2Fit approval logo and be listed on the approved training providers list, you must submit your training course for assessment.

Fit2Fit approval is given to the company and their course (not the person).

To see a full register of approved training providers (and the method that has been approved) visit the approved training page of the website. Fit2Fit approval can be achieved for either qualitative or quantitative – some companies achieve approval of both, some chose to have one course approved. Check that the training company you use is approved for the relevant course by visiting the Fit2Fit website.

To achieve approval, the content of these courses has been judged to include all aspects of the health and safety executive’s face fitting guidance and protocols. An approved course will be delivered by a Fit2Fit accredited face fitter.


When choosing a face fit tester – look for a Fit2Fit accredited tester. When choosing a face fit training company – look for a Fit2Fit approved training provider.  As industry experts The BSIF work tirelessly to promote best practice and have worked closely with The Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

It is more important than ever to make the right choice. Do your due diligence. When choosing a face fit tester – look for a fit2fit accredited tester. When choosing a face fit training company – look for a fit2fit approved training provider. 

To demonstrate good practice we offer accredited qualitative and quantitative face fit testing. In addition to this, both our qualitative and quantitative training courses are approved. Not only have we achieved approval and accreditation, but our Fit2Fit accredited testers have decades of teaching experience so you can be assured that the training and testing that we deliver is second to none. To find out more information about our services please contact one of our friendly team.

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