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fit2fit approved

Fit2Fit Approved

Fit2Fit approved training relates to face fit testing. We are a fit2fit approved training provider in both qualitative (taste test) & quantitative (APC) face fit testing methods . The fit2fit approval scheme requires the course content to be submitted to BSIF (British Safety Industry Federation). The content of our courses have been judged to include all aspects of the Health and Safety Executive’s face fitting guidance and protocols. A fit2fit accredited face fitter will deliver your training.

Why choose a fit2fit approved trainer

Since the onset of covid, the face fit testing community has grown considerably. But how can you prove that the person in front of you is compliant? The Health and Safety Executive state that fit testing must be carried out by a competent person. The BSIF Fit2Fit Accreditation scheme is designed to provide a means by which fit testers can demonstrate their competence. BSIF – Fit2Fit Companion to HSE INDG 479 Guidance on Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) fit testing Qualitative Method – states that “A fit tester may not be deemed competent just by following this guidance alone. Experience gained within the development of the scheme clearly demonstrates that to be a competent fit tester both training and practical experience is required”.

You need to be trained to conduct face fit testing. There are numerous people out there who conduct train the tester courses. How do they prove that their course is compliant? Just because they conduct face fit testing themselves, does not mean that the training course they have created is compliant. We chose to submit our training course for fit2fit approval to prove that our training is compliant.

There are several online offerings and half day options. In order to be compliant the training needs to be delivered face to face and in addition to the practical training must cover the 16 points of competence as per HSE guidance. It is only possible to cover this in a full day. Anything less would bring into question the compliance of the training and the competence of the person looking to conduct future face fit testing.

Difference between fit2fit accredited and fit2fit approved

Fit2Fit accreditation means that a face fit tester can demonstrate that their face fit testing is compliant. If you are looking for someone to conduct compliant face fit testing we would recommend you ensure the person is fit2fit accredited. Not only accredited to test, but for the type of testing they are going to conduct (there is more than 1 type of face fit test). You can check the register here: However, if you want to be trained up to conduct your own testing (train the tester) then we recommend you ensure the course is fit2fit approved. You can find an approved provider here:

Find out more about accreditation and approval here.

Why Use Training and Testing Services

We feel that our fit2fit approved training courses are second to none. But don’t just take our word for it. Why not book onto one of our courses and see for yourself? If comparing us to other providers these are the main points to remember:

  • Fit2Fit Approved. We are 1 of only 8 companies in the UK to be approved for qualitative & quantitative (APC Method) face fit testing training.
  • Delivered by experienced, qualified instructors with decades of teaching experience. Who are also Fit2Fit accredited face fit testers.
  • Full Day Training Course. It is not possible to deliver this course properly as a half day course. There are 16 points of competence defined in the HSE publication INDG 479. These points must be satisfied in order to carry out a face fit test.
  • Cover the whole of the UK. With bases in North Yorkshire and South London we can come to your site/premises or you can attend one of our open courses.

We Will:

  • Train you to the highest possible standards.
  • Provide you with a PowerPoint presentation. Which tells you exactly what to do and what to say during the face fit test (qualitative only).
  • Provide you with a resource pack. To enable you to run your own face fit testing successfully.
  • Provide you with on-going support & mentoring where required after your training course

For more help or information about our face fit test training courses (train the tester course) please contact our friendly team today.

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