Keeping Your Team Safe with the Right Respiratory Protective Equipment & Training

Keeping Your Team Safe with the Right Respiratory Protective Equipment & Training

Respiratory Protective Equipment Training

The site of old homes and industrial parks being demolished, making way for new eco friendly modern developments, has become an increasingly common sight over the past decade. The need for housing and the subsequent infrastructure to support these new communities has certainly seen a growth in the number of skilled workers and site operators required. It was while queuing in Leeds traffic last week, I noticed just how much the city skyline has changed, along with the volume of current road workings.

With fast paced development deadlines and price competitive contracts comes a risk of shortcuts being found and speed and profit margins being chosen over safety – a trade off that is unacceptable at every level.

It’s Not Just About The Law

Along with the Health and Safety Executive, there are of course laws in place to help stifle poor practice and to ensure those found not in compliance are held to account. However, it really shouldn’t be the threat of legal action that keeps your staff safe – it should be the desire to equip your team with the best possible tools and safety protection to ensure the job is done right and that your valuable employees are safe.


It will come as little surprise that we’ll focus this article on RPE and RPE fitment, given our profession, but the principles and observations outlined above certainly apply to all industries where worker safety is at risk – from motorcycle delivery drivers through to deep sea exploration divers respiratory protective equipment training is improtant.

With many workers encountering potentially harmful particles and vapours every day, often not visible to the naked eye, wearing  the right respiratory protection is vital. The challenge, however, is that it isn’t a case of one size fits all, with even facial hair being taken into consideration.

Respiratory Protective Equipment Training, RPE Face Fit Testing and Face Fit Training  

It’s exactly in response to this challenge that TTS are available to ensure both your staff and those who conduct the purchase of safety masks and mask fitment are fully trained and compliant with regulatory guidelines. Our RPE Training is aimed at workers and management involved in the selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment (RPE).

Qualitative face fitting ensures that the RPE mask fits securely around your face and that the mask will be able to correctly function. We offer complete face fit testing in house or on site, along with providing a range of masks from leading suppliers for you to choose from.

Larger companies or companies that have high staff numbers might choose to bring this testing function in house and appoint a member of staff to carry out the purchase and mask testing internally. As a fully compliant and approved business, we provide Train the Tester courses in order to make sure that your appointed team member/s will not only become certified to carry out the testing and fitting functions moving forward, but to also be reassured in the knowledge that they have been trained to the highest standards.

Rest assured that our training team are qualified to the highest standard and all testers and trainers are fit2fit accredited.

We really can’t emphasize strongly enough the value in ensuring your team’s safety and if you have any questions regarding any aspect of RPE fitment, product suitability or training, then please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly service team.

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